Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Toni's Postsecret

This is from my former officemate who recently transferred to a different company. It's a good move for her & I'm happy for her.

What I'm happier about is this message she gave me just before she left. It's called a postsecret only because this officemate of mine, Toni, is the one who would supply almost the entire office with weekly updates on postsecret.blogspot.com.

It's a message I cherish, which is why I'm reposting this on my site -- and I so love the pics she used... here it is:

Dear Mitzi,

Well, it's not exactly a secret. This is more a "thank-you and see you around" note. Because I'm more comfortable writing things than I am saying them, this is a note for you, of things I want to share with you but never have. So I guess it's our little secret in a way.

I'm very proud of how you've grown as a planner. I enjoy hearing you take charge of Nokia and Kraft. When the BAT and Accounts people come up to your desk and ask you questions, seek clarification, and you give them the answers, I smile. It feels like you're watching your little sister grow up. Something like that. I'm proud of you. Keep growing.

I also admire that when you seek clarification yourself, you don't hesitate to ask. That's one of the most important ways to grow -- to acknowledge that we don't know everything, and then learn from those who may know, and are willing to help.

I admire how spiritual you are. I have my own kind of relationship with God, and when I see you or hear your stories, I am reminded of how to become even closer to Him. Thank you for being that quiet mentor. You teach by example, perhaps without your knowing. Thank you for the spiritual and heartwarming e-mails that help remind me of putting some focus back on my faith.

I wish I had your height. Hahaha!

Thank you for putting up with my mood swings.

When you make kwento about yourself and JB, natutuwa ako. I'm reminded of fresh, new love. I'm thankful for that because I still see that kind of love in my relationship with Dennis. So keep that fresh love going. Keep on surprising each other. :)

You have potential Mitzi. I wish you would be given the opportunity to attend seminars and trainings, because I know that with those tools and experiences, you will grow even more. You've got sass that comes out once in awhile, that I know should come out even more. Continue to be strong. You're super bait and I hope that kindness is not abused by any co-worker. Stand your ground, always. You're a strong woman.

You know that I'll be here till May 15th but I thought I'd get the sentimental stuff out of the way. Haha. I don't think I can handle a surge of emotions next week. I'm looking forward to our lunch date tomorrow. Thanks for the kindness and the love little sister. I will miss you.

All the best,