Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Gift for Gel on His 25th!

Hope this finally gets posted as I've been having so much trouble uploading it :)

This was my gift to JB on his 25th bday. Mejo nagkaroon ng glitches because he wasn't able to see it on the day itself because for some reason we couldn't find it and play it from their dvd player.

Actually, I should say that this is a labor of love. I thought it would only take me a couple of hours to put this video together. It ended up being a whole day... well maybe a whole half of a day, meaning from after lunch til midnight.

I learned (again) however, the importance of having someone check your work before 'submitting' it! Because when i was showing it to my sister she noticed something wrong in one of the texts I incuded. And the mistake I made was on OUR ANNIVERSARY DATE!!! nyah! Buti nalang alam niya date ng anniv namin ni JB. Coz what was written was a glaringly big date that's a DAY AHEAD! hahaha.... I have an excuse for that. I was reminiscing how I 'answered' JB in the wee morning of July 28th over the phone -- yup, just over the phone and, okay, so i blurted out my 'i love u' without being asked anymore.heheh. just had to say it he needn't ask no more.hehe). So there written on one of the slides is the date 27 July 2006... what a mistake that is right? hahaha...

So I had to redo that slide, in the process of which i saw more typos and fixed those slides too. And burn it again in the CD. Good thing the one i got was a rewritable one. So i just had to delete the old video and burn it again in the CD which also included a lot song tracks which i knew he wanted to have so he'll have something to listen to at the office.

Those revisions I did on the day I'll be meeting him (on his bday), coz i only finished it the first time just the night before. Actually, as i remember it now, it was already wrapped when my sister discovered the typo when I was showing her the copy of the video... Haha, so i not only had to revise and reburn, I also re-wrapped... heheh

But it was all worth it. Though it was delayed and all... the moment he was able to see the video in the midst of the songs, like a gem in the middle of a field, he texted me with a gazzillion smileys and told me how he loved what i made for him and was at that moment, teary-eyed... it was all worth it... for my Gel...

Now i hope this video posts well...