Friday, October 20, 2006


It's been quite a while since i've played around with paint. i like this output. today has been a pretty uneventful day for me activity-wise. Internally, however, there were three things that bothered me emotionally this morning... but as the day progressed and as i went through different blog entires and email stories, all i got is a reaffirmation of how wonderful God works in our lives.
No matter how difficult things get, no matter how confused we get with the things that are happening to us, all we need to do is put our full trust in God and stay faithful... He has a bigger plan and He knows what's best for us.
I truly believe that He won't give us things we cannot handle and most especially that in anything, He will never leave us. It's just something we always need to keep in mind.
In spite of all the challenges, the problems, the uncertainties and insecurities, i am thankful for what i have and who i have in my life. I still am truly blessed.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Just a thought

... there's a picture in my mind that i wish i could capture and print out... that time in the mall where we just crossed paths and casually greeted each other; he, with calling out my name & i, with an acknowledging nod. Who would've known that that would be the prelude to another unexpected meeting? The next one being the time to share a service, which eventually was the beginning of a beautiful, beautiful relationship...*


it's my niece's 5th birthday today... such a cutesy wootsie!

Just to share a story about her…so cute!

On an oral test the teacher shows Ashley as set of pictures which included the following: a cap, coins & a bike. She asks Ashley the question, ‘Ashley, if you’re going to the store what will you bring?’… Disregarding the pictures, she answers, ‘Daddy!’….Hahaha. My sister explains to the teacher that it’s because Ashley usually goes with her dad to the store. So the Teacher rephrases the question and asks Ashley to choose an answer from the pictures shown to her. This time, Ashley answers, ‘Bike’… Because her dad would usually take her to the store on a bike!....HaHaHa!

with little brother , Josh

samahan ko na rin ng pics ni josh. i think this was taken when he was newly born... ilang days palang ba siya dito? aren't babies and little kiddies just so cute?