Thursday, February 16, 2006

1st Climb!

Went to the UP Fair last Feb. It's been a long time since my friends & I have gone to UP. It was such a 'fair-y' experience for me. I got to try wall climbing for the first time. Ever since i've wanted to try it out, and now i have.

Preparing to climb! Steady.... Oops! di ko na ata kaya

Getting the hang of it! Finally, that's me at the top!

I honestly didn't think i'd make it to the top. But i did! it was really tiring. It was a Climb one wall for P20, Climb the next wall for free. My friends and I even joked that like with strict eat-all-u-can buffets, it probably also meant that you'd have to pay extra if you wouldn't be able to finish climbing the other wall. Haha. Apparently they had a different promo. If you're able to sucessfully climb, you get a free wall to climb.

On the first try, I couldn't even get past half the wall. It was just too tiring! I so realized just how un-fit i was. I watched the other girls before me climb like effortly up the walls. I couldn't help but feel bad about the state of my fitness. Forunately the people assisting the climbers were very encouraging. One of them said all i needed was to take a bit of a rest, I still had a free wall to use to try climbing again. But I was like, 'nooo, it's impossible for me to actually climb that thing. barely halfway up, my legs and arms were already shaking, and I'm not even that heavy'... i was panting like crazy.

But the man insisted, so i hung around a while, still with my gear on, panting and watching. On my second try, i got more tips on how to rest on the way up. how to keep my balance while resting and how to really use my legs to push myself and not my arms to pull my body up.

It took some time, but as proof in my picutres, I made it to the top. Thanks to my friendies, cheering me on down below and taking my picture. Of course, I insisted that they take my pic..hehehe

It was such a fun fair experience for me. Because the moment I left the wall climbing booth we proceeded to a CHIKKA booth nearby and i got a free shirt. Because I had more than 50 contacts in my chikka account. I think it reached around 70+... haven't been using it lately though. Now, ain't going to a fair complete unless you get some kind of freebie?

Another element in the fair which we looked for was the fortune telling booth. That's because we went to one the last time we went to a UP fair. For fun's sake. I don't remember anymore what the fortune told to me was at that time. Anyway, the funny part was, we mistook a group of students huddled in front of a tent as people managing a fortune telling booth. Just because we saw a bunch of playing cards scattered in their midst. As in binalikan pa namin sila when we thought of having our fortunes read... It was really hilarious how my friend asked if they can do fortune telling only to be given an blank expression. After that, it looked as if any group, crouched on the grass looked like they can tell your fortune...

It was also great listening to the bands. There I discovered that the lead vocalist of Itchyworms was a very funny character. was fun watching them. The one of the reasons why we chose to go on the night we went to the fair was because Bamboo was playing. However, being the best, which was saved for last, it was getting too late and we couldn't wait for him to come out anymore. Still had work the next day.

So we went on our way home.