Thursday, September 28, 2006


This is one momentous day. It’s twice happy and singularly tragic, if you can say that.
Happiness first!Happiness, because today marks the second month that JB and I are together. It’s a happiness I can’t say I’ve had in my past relationships.
Due to unavoidable circumstances, however Gel and I were not able to even see each other that day lest really celebrate our 2nd month of togetherness until the next day.Yes, we call each other Gel, short for angel-- hence my allustion to an angel in my previous post.
(pic was taken when we celebrated our 1st month)

But we were still happy (definitely!) with the fact that we’re still together, on this second month – though not physically, but together as a couple. It’s amazing how we understand each other. Sure sometimes a tinge of paranoia still creeps in that we worry about each other an miss each other a bit too much if we’re out of touch for a certain length of time.

But deep inside, we understand each other. We understand where we are in each others lives. We know what aspects of our lives are important to us as individuals and we know how much we love and value each other. Regardless of time or space. That's what's important. Together with love the trust & respect is really there.

I haven’t really talked about my angel in detail here, but right now, all I can say is that what he is to me is that he is truly Heaven sent ---literally! It’s just amazing how we were brought into each other’s lives and how it seems that we do fit albeit perfectly. it's like finding the right person at the right time, and we both happened to be in the right place too (all while doing our service). Never thought it could actually happen.

But I guess it won’t seem like such an impossibility really, especially when I think about how we really put God in the center of our relationship since the beginning (as in since courtship). It helps that before we really got together we were also both in love already, in love with God.

In two months, we've been through quite a lot, i guess. Mostly on how we are able to cope with whatever we're going through and being each other's support and strength. Though we haven't had any major problems yet, we do have our struggles. So we always pray for God's presence in our relationship. And we know that we'll say firm and strong as long as we have each other & God with us. With God, nothing is impossible! I really feel blessed to be with my Gel. In the SFC community, we call our boyfriends/girlfirends our "GG's" meaning God's Gift & JB truly lives up to the definition for me.

Anyways, talking about Gel deserves a devoted entry. Being part of a trio topic just won’t do him any justice. So, i'll write more about him soon. (With the rate i go with writing entries here though, i don't know how soon that
would be :P)

The other event for this day involves another angel. This time a little baby angel boy. This morning at 2am, Ashton James T. Hilado was born. The first Hilado in the line of pamangkins (in the 1st degree). He’s such a cute little baby boy that has the eyes, nose, lips and chin of his mother and the eyes, eyebrows and forehead of his father. No, he doesn’t have four eyes, it’s just that we can’t really tell if he’s got his mom’s or his dad’s eyes. Just check out the picture of one of the most adorable babies I’ve seen these days. Eat your hear out Suri (suri nga ba un? Anak nila Tom & Kate…okay, cute little girl un J) Malay natin Ashton & Suri might meet up sometime when they’re older and end up together. Would have to think though if
that’d really be something we’d like to happen. Hehe…

Such a nice name, Ashton. But with the typhoon that raged in Metro Manila this day the third topic) we’ve thought of giving Ashton a not so handsome nickname like Enyong or Menyong! Until my mom figured a more sossy sounding name …. Miles! Haha, dunno if that’d stick though. (two trees in front of our house were uprooted!)

Good think the office declared that there won’t be work today. Though I got to the office before 8am, I rushed home once there was confirmation of it being a non-working stormy holiday. I rushed home, then we went to the Hospital to visit our new baby boy. My mom & I went to the hospital together with Ashton’s maternal Lolo. At the hospital, we spent the afternoon with my brother Raffy (The New Daddy), Tracy (Ashton’s mommy) who was resting after a tiring birthing, and Tracy’s sisters (Nurse Mia & Cheery Tin2).

From Tracy’s story it was a tiring birthing indeed. But more than that, it was inspiring. Here we have a young mother experiencing, feeling every pain and effort to bring out her baby into this world. The challenge was such that at the time of her pregnancy she had a delicate condition where parts of her body were swollen. The name of the condition escapes me now. And there was a big probability of her needing a caesarian delivery since. Amazingly, out of sheer desire to deliver the baby normally and with the doctor’s confidence, Tracy was able to endure 2 hours of heaving (with the help of 2 nurses pushing the baby out of her tummy) and delivered Ashton without any need for a caesarean section.

That she did against all odds, even if her blood pressure was rising and she was
very tired and in pain. She was only given a ‘twilight’ anesthesia. Imagine giving birth half asleep! Gosh, sometimes it’s even hard to get dressed half asleep, manga
nak pa kaya! But she did it. Once Ashton was out, all Tracy had to hear was the voice of her little boy’s newborn cry for her to instantly fall asleep seconds after.

This day was a momentous ay. Despite the heavy winds and rains and the tragedy that it has caused, it’s not enough to dampen the day and keep us from continuing to celebrate Life & Love.